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The Winning Strategy With Bitcoin in 2024 (and Beyond). Validated by Michael J. Saylor Himself.

2024: The Tipping Point Year for the Bitcoin Revolution, With the Probable Approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs.

Bitcoin Spot ETFs: The Final Countdown Is on. Only 3 Weeks to Go Before the SEC’s Final Decision.

The 3 Key Principles of Bitcoin That Will Restore Public Confidence in a Monetary System.

$100K Is Not a Goal in Itself for Bitcoin, but Merely a Stepping Stone Before the Serious Things Begin for the Bitcoin Revolution.

The Bitcoin Price Loses More Than 5% in a Few Minutes and Hits a Local Low of $41.5K. So What?

A Look Back at the Rise and Fall of Mark Karpelès, CEO of Mt. Gox, the Largest Bitcoin Exchange of the Early 2010s.

For 2024 (and Beyond), Vote Bitcoin, Your Best Chance for a Better Future for You and the Many.

The Price of Bitcoin Exceeds $44K. Don’t Be Fooled and Continue to Focus on Education Rather Than Speculation.

Regretting Buying Bitcoin in KYC Mode? All Is Not Lost for Your Anonymity Thanks to CoinJoin Transactions.

Bitcoin Is Different. Bitcoin is Better. A Reminder.

RIP Charlie Munger. One of Bitcoin’s Oldest Opponents Is Passing Away and Will Never Have Time to See His Monumental Error.

WSJ Wants You To Believe That "Bitcoin Is Useless" Is a Fact. Yet Another Lie That Is Nothing More Than the Opinion of a Poorly Informed Reporter.

25 Years Ago, Wei Dai Proposed the B-Money Protocol, Which Many Consider a Crucial Stepping Stone to Bitcoin.

Overview of the On-Chain Indicators You Need to Know in the Bitcoin World.

Here’s Why Bitcoin Must Be the World’s Next Reserve Currency.

Bear Market or Bull Market, No Crypto Exchange Is Safe, and Therefore the Money You Entrust to Them.

$4.3B Settlement With the DOJ. CZ Pleads Guilty and Steps Down. All You Need to Know About the Fall of the Latest Strong Man of the Previous Bull Market and the Consequences for the Market.

The Bitcoin Mining Industry Is Gearing Up for the All-Out War That Will Take Place After the Fourth Halving in April 2024.

Anti-Central Bank, Pro-US Dollar, Is Javier Milei, Argentina’s New President, Really Pro-Bitcoin?

Black Friday 2023 on In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter.

The Incredible Lesson This True Story of a Bitcoiner Who Lost Faith in Bitcoin in November 2022 Teaches You.

$120M of Long Positions Liquidated and the Bitcoin Price Loses 6% in a Few Hours. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

Are Bitcoiners Losing Sight of the Deeper Meaning of the Bitcoin Revolution? Is It Time To Take an Interest in Monero?

Here’s the Wall Street Giants’ 4-Step Plan to Steal the Bitcoin Revolution From the Hands of the General Public.

Bitcoin Price ATH in Nov. 2021. Bottom of the Bear Market in Nov. 2022. What Do You Expect for the Bitcoin Price in November 2024?

Don’t Like the DCA Strategy? This Free Tool Has Been Telling You When to Buy or Sell Your Bitcoin With Astonishing Reliability for a Decade.

Bitcoin Price Hits 18-Month High Near $37K As EU Deals Blow to Your Privacy.

The World Bank Lands on Earth and Discovers That Bitcoin Is a Force for Good in the Fight Against Climate Change.

Fidelity Continues To Build a Pro-Bitcoin Narrative, Calling It "Exponential Gold"

Chinese-Style Social Credit System Is Getting Closer to Western Countries – Bitcoin Is Your Way Out.

Take the Time to Analyze Who’s for and Who’s Against Bitcoin, Then You’ll Understand Why Bitcoin Is on the Side of Freedom.

Uptober Never Lies for Bitcoin: +28.52% Rise Puts the Market Back in Bullish Mode.

Here’s a Key Principle of Warren Buffett’s Investing Philosophy That You Should Definitely Apply to Bitcoin.

Sorry, I’m Not the Right Person If You’re Looking for Someone to Convince You to Buy Bitcoin.

10 Upcoming Innovations That Could Transform Bitcoin and Its Ecosystem.

Beware of So-Called Bitcoiners Who Claim Victory With the Return of Bitcoin Above $30K.

Bitcoin’s Price Reaches $35K, a Level Not Seen Since May 2022. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

Bitcoin, Financial Freedom, and Retirement: The Great Misconception to Debunk.

The Approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs Now Seems Inevitable. The Price of Bitcoin Once Again Exceeds $30K.

Myth Buster: No, Bitcoin Wealth Is Not Ultra-Concentrated.

Fake News Sends Bitcoin’s Price Soaring in Minutes, and Gives a Taste of What’s To Expect When Bitcoin Spot ETFs Are Approved.

BitVM: The Arrival of Advanced Smart Contracts in the Bitcoin World. Game Over for Ethereum?

10 Key Takeaways From Fidelity’s Bullish Research Report on Bitcoin.

On Day 4 of SBF’s Trial, His Partner in Crime Gary Wang Proves to You Why Bitcoin Transparency Is Essential for the People.

With Lava Pool, El Salvador Becomes the First Nation to Launch Its Own Bitcoin Mining Pool.

America Adds $275B to Its Debt in One Day. Who Will Still Believe the Lies That Bitcoin Is a Danger to the Stability of the Current System?

The President of the World Gold Council Wants to Digitize Gold … Can Someone Please Tell Him That We Already Have Bitcoin That Meets This Need?

Bitcoin Mining Giant Issues Invalid Block, Bitcoin Network Proves Its Robustness.

Time Is Your Best Ally in Understanding Bitcoin. Here Are the 6 Phases You’ll Go Through.

Ledger Persists With Recover, at the Risk of Losing the Trust of All Bitcoiners.

Special Offer Until the End of Rektember.

The 180-Degree Shift in the Media Narrative on Bitcoin and Its Impact on the Environment Is Anything but a Coincidence.

Bitcoin Solves the Trust Problem That More and More People in Society Feel.

The Reason Why Bitcoin Is Such a Unique Invention Also Lies in Satoshi Nakamoto’s Unique Personality.

Is the Bitcoin Supply Hard-Capped at 21 Million Units? No, As I’ll Show You Mathematically.

Headed by Agustín Carstens, BIS Once Again Alerts on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency via a Totally Misleading Report Aping CBDCs.

Bitcoin Is There to Give Power Back to Everyone. Stop Criticizing Those Who Express That Power by Buying Things You Think Are Useless.

A Test of Support at $23.7K to Come for Bitcoin? What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

iPhone 15 Vs. Bitcoin: It’s Time to Break Out of the Trap of Mass Consumerism.

Michael J. Saylor Unveils 3 Catalysts That Will Bring the Price of Bitcoin to $5M in the Future.

The 5 Richest Bitcoin Addresses, and Their Supposed Owners.

BIP 300, Sidechains, Drivechain… The Debate Is Heating Up in the Bitcoin Microcosm.

This Hitherto Valid Mathematical Theory Predicts a Bitcoin That Won’t Reach $100K Over the Upcoming Bull Market in 2024–2025.

Bitcoin Closes Weekly Below $26K. Rektember Could See the Bitcoin Price Fall Towards $20K.

This Is the Reason Why the Fate of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Which Is in the Hands of the SEC Is of So Much Interest to the Markets.

The Great Lesson Bitcoin Teaches You About How to Deal With Innovation.

Bitcoin Closes August at -11.29%. Worse Still, Rektember Is Here.

Say "Thank You" to the SEC and Gary Gensler for Postponing a Decision on Bitcoin Spot ETFs.

Bad News for Trader, Great News for Bitcoiners: Mike McGlone Thinks Bitcoin Bull Run Won’t Happen Until Fed Starts Printing Money Again.

Bitcoin Price Takes $2K in Minutes – Another DCA Victory on Technical Analysis.

The War for Control of Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Is On, and Oman Is Getting In on the Act to the Tune of $1.1B.

Pantera Capital Offers Us Two Predictions for the Price of Bitcoin in the Coming Months. Here Are the Two Questions This Raises.

Bitcoin Seems To Be Holding On to $26K, but Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Prepare for a Sharper Correction.

Education Is Key to the Success of the Bitcoin Revolution. Here Again, El Salvador Is Leading the Way.

Solo Miner Wins Bitcoin Mining Lottery – This Lucky Miner Earns a 6.25 BTC Reward Worth $160,000.

Bitcoin Price Falls Below $25K in a Matter of Minutes. What Happened?

Thinking the Current Period Is Boring for the Bitcoin Price? Here Are 8 Charts To Show Why This Period Is Essential for the Next Bull Market.

Should You Trust Jerome Powell and Other Central Bankers When It Comes to Protecting the Fruits of Your Labor?

Taking a Stance on Bitcoin or CBDCs Will Be a Must for All Candidates in the 2024 US Presidential Election.

KPMG Publishes a Paper on the Positive Role of Bitcoin in the "ESG Imperative". Better Late Than Never!

You Don’t Need to Understand the Inner Workings of the Bitcoin System to Benefit From Its Revolution.

Every Fed Day, It’s the Same Story. Everyone Stops and Waits. It’s Time to Really Understand Bitcoin and Think Long-term.

Bitcoin Doesn’t Need Acceptance From Governments, Central Bankers, or Wall Street Finance Giants.

Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? Only You Have the Answer.

Never say Never with Bitcoin.

8 Quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche That Will Convince You of the Future Success of the Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Isn’t a Way of Life, It’s Normality Once Again Accessible to All.

The Euphoria of Some So-called Bitcoiners Over BlackRock and Fidelity’s Bitcoin Spot ETFs Should Give You Some Clarity.

4 Reasons for Bitcoin Price’s +84.5% Rise Over H1 2023 and a Possible Scenario for H2 2023.

Beware, the Biggest Financial Institutions Are Coming to Steal the Bitcoin Revolution From You.

Want Less Money Stress? Understand the Why of Bitcoin and Opt for Its Superior Monetary System.

What’s Next for Bitcoin Price? $34K or a Pullback Below $30K?

Invite Your Friends to Understand the Why of Bitcoin by Reading in Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter and Be Rewarded.

The 6 Golden Rules for Making the Most of the Bitcoin Revolution in the Future.

Unpopular Opinion: BlackRock Application for a Spot Market-Based Bitcoin ETF Is Not a Good Thing for the Bitcoin Revolution.

Everything Bad in Bitcoin Is Good for You.

Special Offer: 50% off on "The Truth About Bitcoin" Until June 18.

Essential Reminder: Bitcoin Is a Social Project. Cryptocurrencies Are Just Financial Projects.

Stop Saying "Buy Bitcoin", but "Own Bitcoin" Instead.

SEC vs. Crypto – Leave the Noise Aside and Focus on the Real Signal: Bitcoin.

Gary "Security" Gensler and the SEC Crashed the Market by Suing Binance – Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip.

The Fed and Other Central Banks Have Put Themselves in an Inextricable Situation That Will Benefit Bitcoin in Any Case.

Governments Are Pushing to Ban Monero. Why This Should Alert You as a Bitcoiner.

Unpopular Opinion: Bitcoin Does Not Compete With Gold. Stop Comparing the Two.

Bitcoin On-Chain: The Shrimps Take Revenge on the Whales in 2023.

15 Things Spock Said About Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is Poised to Become a Hot Topic for the 2024 Presidential Election. But Don’t Be Fooled by These Demagogic Declarations of Love.

A Special Offer to Make the Most of the Bitcoin Revolution and Hedge Against the Risk of America Defaulting on Its Debt.

Why Do So Many People Still Not Trust Bitcoin?

Why the Very Notion of a Debt Ceiling Makes No Sense in the Current Debt-Based System.

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Is Mass Adoption of Bitcoin Really Possible?

From 11,100 Hours of Work in 1970 to Afford a New Home to 51,000 Hours in 2023 – Or How the Current Debt-Based System Enslaves You.

Ledger Recover: Everything You Need to Know to Decide for Yourself.

The Value of Bitcoin to Humanity Is Far Greater Than the Price of Bitcoin.

This Example Among Others Shows You Why the Current System Is Synonymous With Inevitable Generalized Impoverishment Over Time.

6 Ideas to Protect the Fruits of Your Labor From the Banking Crisis.

$30K Is the New $10K for the Bitcoin Price.

Ordinals: Opportunity or Disaster in the Making for the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin vs. CBDC – The Battle for Your Privacy That You Must Fight Before It’s Too Late.

Bitcoin Is the Only Truly Scarce Commodity on Earth.

Jerome Powell Has Spoken. Bitcoin Can Resume Its Path Towards a Test of Resistance at $31.7K.

11 Ways to Lose Money and Time With Bitcoin (and How to Prevent).

U.S. Could Run Out of Cash by June 1, Yellen Warns. By Then, the Idea of the $1T Coin Will Probably Be Back in the Spotlight.

Bicoin Price Is Back in the $26.8K-$28.5K Range As Everyone Awaits the Fed on May 3rd. What’s Next?

How Bitcoin Makes You a Better Human.

You Have No Guarantee That Bitcoin Will Be a Success. On the Other Hand, You Can Be Sure That the Current System Is Flawed and Not Fixable. You Have to Go to a Better Alternative, and That Is Bitcoin

Announcements of the Upcoming Death of the King Dollar Are Exaggerated, but This List of Events Will Make You Realize That China Is at Work to Break the Hegemony of the USD.

Leverage Trading Is Your Enemy With Bitcoin: Episode 150

Here’s Why We’re Fighting Harder Than Ever for the Success of the Bitcoin Revolution.

When Will the Price of Bitcoin Reach $100K?

The Euro-Pegged Stablecoin of Société Générale Has Functions to Recall or Burn Your Money.

Why Bitcoin Scares Joe Biden and Governments Around the World.

Spend and Replace Your Bitcoin Is the New Bitcoin HODLing.

Why Does the NYT Disparage the Bitcoin Mining Industry, but Avoid Analyzing the Carbon Footprint of the US Dollar System?

Bearish Pressure for the Bitcoin Price Which Will Try to Make the $28.5K Area a Support. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

The 3 Big Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding the Bitcoin Revolution.

Why Are Governments Going After the Bitcoin Mining Industry While Imposing Electric Vehicles That Are an Economic and Ecological Aberration?

Time Is on the Side of the Bitcoin Revolution. Michael J. Saylor’s Journey With Bitcoin Is a Perfect Illustration.

Bulls and Bears Continue to Battle for the $30K Psychological Barrier. What’s Next for the Bitcoin Price?

Ray Dalio Questions Bitcoin’s Ability to Establish Itself as an Effective Currency Calling It a “Very Poor Alternative to Gold”.

Myth Buster: No, the IMF Has Not Unveiled Its Own CBDC As Some in the Community Are Saying.

Alone Against the Current System, You Don’t Stand a Chance. Bitcoin Is a Game-Changer, Allowing People to Unite in a Peaceful Struggle.

America’s Great Dilemma Regarding the Regulation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

A Third Daily Close Above $30K. The Price of Bitcoin Remains on the Rise and a Test of the $31.7K Resistance Is on the Cards.

Bitcoin Price Remains Above $30K After Inflation Data. The Target Is Now $31.7K, Before a Potential Pullback?

Warren Buffett Reveals the Real Reason He Hates Bitcoin. You’re Going to Be Disappointed When You Hear This.

Robert F. Kennedy Puts the CBDCs vs. Cryptocurrencies Debate in the American Political Arena.

Economy Slows, Bitcoin Hits $30K for the First Time Since June 2022 Ahead of Key Inflation Data. How High Can the Bitcoin Price Go Before a Pullback?

No Matter What Bitcoin’s Opponents Say, Bitcoin Mining Is Getting Greener and Greener.

The Price of Bitcoin Remains Flat in an Increasingly Thin Range. The Longer This Goes On, the Stronger the Impulse Will Be at the Breakout.

According to Gary "Security" Gensler’s Rules, the US Dollar Is a SCAM You Should Avoid.

The Economy Is Slowing in America, but Not Enough. A 25 Bps Rate Hike Is Again on the Horizon for Early May 2023 With a Recession Coming in Late 2023.

The Fact That Michael J. Saylor’s MicroStrategy Holds 140,000 BTC Does Not Hurt the Decentralization of Bitcoin.

Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, and Then Watch That Basket Closely. Andrew Carnegie’s Advice From Over 150 Years Ago Applies More Than Ever to Bitcoin.

The Recession Is Getting Closer in America. The Market Is Betting on a Pause and Then a Pivot by the Fed. What’s Next for the Bitcoin Price?

10 Reasons Why the Future of Banking Has No Banks, Just Bitcoin.

Downward Pressure Is Increasing on the Price of Bitcoin. Is a Pullback to Test the Support at $25.2K Approaching?

The Number of Bitcoin ATMs Drops Drastically in America in March 2023. The Biden Administration’s Operation Against Bitcoin and Crypto Is Continuing.

Bitcoin Ends Q1 2023 at +72%. Some Musings on What’s in Store for the Market in April 2023.

An Internet Penetration Rate of Only 43% in Africa? No Problem for Machankura, Which Opens Up Access to Bitcoin via the GSM Network.

The Asian Bulls and the American Bears Are Facing Each Other. What’s at Stake? A Monthly Close for Bitcoin Above the Monthly Resistance Line at $28.8K.

The Resistance at $28.2K Is Broken. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price? The 3 Things to Watch for Before March 2023 Ends.

Bitcoin Price Is Not the Most Exciting Thing About Bitcoin, but Bitcoin Price Does Matter.

The Bulls React to the Bears’ Attack, and the Price of Bitcoin Rebounds to Resistance at $28.2K.

Bearish Pressure Is Building, RSI Bearish Divergence, and the Price of Bitcoin Is Now Preparing to Test Support at $25.2K.

As China and Russia Accelerate in De-dollarizing the World, Bitcoin Is Your Best Bet to Keep Power Over Your Money.

The Bullish Move Is Losing Strength for Bitcoin. The Pullback Could Occur Before the $30K Mark Is Reached.

Sixth Day of Rejection at $28.2K Resistance. Is the Bitcoin Price Headed for a Pullback?

Resistance at $28.2K Continues to Hold for Bitcoin, but $30K Is Attracting Its Price More Than Ever.

Even If You’re a Bitcoiner, You Wouldn’t Want the Price of Bitcoin to Reach $1M by June 15, 2023.

The Fed Has Spoken, $89M of Long Positions Liquidated, but the Price of Bitcoin Retains Support at $26.8K and Still Looks Towards $30K.

The 3 Possible Scenarios for the Second Fed FOMC Meeting in 2023 and the Potential Impacts on the Bitcoin Price.

Is the Current System Sound or Is It in Danger and in Need of Rescue and Protection? Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Is Unable to Answer This Simple Question.

Bitcoin Price Continues to Move Sideways Below Resistance at $28.2K As the Market Awaits the Fed Tomorrow.

A New Era for Bitcoin Begins With This Umpteenth Banking Crisis.

Weekly Close at $28.0K. the Price of Bitcoin Is Irrevocably Attracted to $30K.

The Price of Bitcoin Is Stabilizing Around $27K. Next Step: Breaking the Resistance at $28.2K Before $30K.

A Daily Close at $27.4K, and the Price of Bitcoin Is Getting Closer and Closer to $30K.

The Fed Has Created an Interesting Dilemma Whose Purpose Is to Serve an Offensive on a Digital Dollar. Sooner or Later.

The Upward Pressure Continues for the Price of Bitcoin. The Price of Bitcoin Is Now $26.7K on the Spot Market. What Is Needed to See Bitcoin Take Off Towards $30K?

Bitcoin Bulls Are Back, and So Are the Wild Predictions. Don’t Be Blinded, and Focus on the Fundamentals of Bitcoin.

3 Reasons Why the Bitcoin Bulls Are Back in the Midst of This New Global Banking Crisis.

Since Forever, You Only Have a Choice Between Two Banks. The Fed and Bitcoin.

At the Root of All the Problems of This Flawed System Is the Fed. Bitcoin Is Needed for a New Start.

Panic May Take Over the Stock Market and the Crypto Market Tomorrow, but If You Own Bitcoin, There’s No Need to Panic.

The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Shows Why the Current System Is Flawed. We Need a Plan B: Bitcoin.

Joe Biden Proposes Punitive Tax on Bitcoin Mining. Bitcoin Price Drops to $19.5K. What’s Next?

What If the Bitcoin Revolution Fails? Disillusionment for Westerners, but Above All a Nightmare for People in Emerging Countries.

Jerome Powell Cools Down the Bulls. Will the $20K Barrier Hold for the Price of Bitcoin?

For the Bitcoiners: Leave Out the Crypto Exchange Platforms, Opt for a Bitcoin Buying Platform Instead.

Here Is Your "Unfair Advantage" With Bitcoin. Will You Exploit It to the Fullest?

The 4 Major Points of Concern for the Bitcoin Price in the Short Term.

Your Exchange Platform Is Worse Than a Bank. Send Your Bitcoin to Your Hardware Wallet to Access the Best Bank in the World.

If You’re Worried That Bitcoin Hasn’t Reached Its Bottom and This Is Holding You Back, Read This.

The 3 Scenarios for the Bitcoin Price in March 2023.

Don’t Make This Mistake With Bitcoin, It Will Cost You a Lot of Money and Time.

How Bitcoin Mining Promotes a More Equitable Distribution of Wealth in the World.

Bitcoin Is Different. This Is Not Me Saying It, but Gary Gensler the Chairman of the SEC.

You Miss the Point With Bitcoin If You Ask the Question "What Will You Do When Bitcoin Price Reaches $1M?"

The Bears Come Back Strong Against the Bulls. What’s Next for the Bitcoin Price?

Save in Bitcoin Before You Really Need Bitcoin to Protect the Fruits of Your Labor.

Why Governments Will Never Take On Bitcoin by Attempting an Internet Shutdown.

The Story of the Fabulous Inflation of Assignats During the French Revolution.

Nigeria CBDC Program Proves the War Against the Cashless Surveillance Society Has Started … Time Is Running Out to Protect the Fruits of Your Labor in the Bitcoin System.

Investing in Bitcoin Is a Mistake. Saving in Bitcoin Is the Way to Follow to Change Your Life for the Better.

$65M Short Positions Liquidated in 24 Hours. The Bitcoin Price Is Close to $25K. What’s Next?

Unpopular Opinion: The Biden Administration’s Attack on the Crypto Industry Is Bullish for Bitcoin (*)

Rather Than Rejoice in El Salvador’s Success With The Bitcoin Standard, the IMF Would Rather Continue to Lie.

Wanting to Know When the Fed Will Pivot? Look at the Unemployment Rate in America.

Bitcoin Changes Your Relationship With Money and Work by Giving You Access to a True Store of Value for the First Time.

SEC Attacks Altcoins and Bitcoin Price Falls … It’s Time to Open Your Eyes to This Essential Truth.

Here Is the Best Indicator to Know the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin If You Are Not a DCA Fan.

Bitcoin Is a Permissionless System, and Therein Lies Its Strength. So You Don’t Have to Agree or Disagree With the Ordinals Protocol.

Golden Cross Vs. Death Cross: The Battle of the Bitcoin Crosses Has Begun. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter Subscription Offers Are Evolving: You Have Until March 1 to Take Action and Take Advantage of the Current Prices.

The 5 Biggest Barriers to Bitcoin Adoption (With Their Solutions).

Bitcoin’s Bigger Value Proposition Continues to Work Wonders in Emerging Countries.

PlanB Updates Its S2F Model Again to Predict a Bitcoin Price Between $100K and $1M in 2025: Here’s What You Should Do With That Prediction.

Stuck in the Past and Touting China’s CCP Dictatorship, Charlie Munger Urges America to Ban Bitcoin.

Jerome Powell Has Spoken: The Plan Is Becoming Clearer for Bitcoin in the Coming Months.

Focus on the Real Heroes of the Bitcoin Revolution: Nearly 1K Monthly Active Devs on Bitcoin Projects.

Noise Vs. Signal: While Most Get Lost in the Short-term Price of Bitcoin, Others Are Helping the World Become a Better Place With Bitcoin.

What’s Next for Bitcoin Price? Answer on Feb. 1 at the End of the First Fed FOMC Meeting of 2023.

Bitcoin Mining and Nuclear Power: The Obvious Marriage That Will Benefit the Most People.

The Truth About Bitcoin.

Apple Pay, Apple Cash, Apple Pay Later, Apple Savings Account … When Will Apple Enter the Bitcoin World?

Stratum V2: The Evolution That Makes Bitcoin Even More Resistant to Censorship.

With an Estimated 219M Users, Bitcoin Continues Its Progress on the Path to Hyperbitcoinization of the World.

Bitcoin Price Reaches $23.4K – 3 Schools of Thought Now Clash on the Further Movement of the Bitcoin Price.

The WEF 2023 in Davos Once Again Highlighted the Unfairness of the Current System. More Than Ever, the World Needs the Plan Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Has Been Announced Dead 469 Times, but Unlike 91% of Cryptos That Have Died Since 2014, Bitcoin Is Stronger Than Ever.

Early 2023 Bitcoin Price Rally – DOJ Ends the Party With the Bitzlato Case. What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

A Study Confirms That American Gen Z and Millennials Are More Attracted to Bitcoin Than Other Generations.

Bank of America Claims That CBDCs Are the Future of Money and Payments. Don’t Believe These Lies. Bitcoin Is the Future.

Bitcoin Early Adopters Are Not Lucky, They Have 4 Essential Qualities.

Is Inflation in America Not Falling Fast Enough for the Fed and Joe Biden? Don’t Worry, the CPI Calculation Method Will Change From January 2023.

Bitcoin Price Tops $21K, at +26% YTD. Investors Now Know What the Key to 2023 Is for the Bitcoin Price.

Nigeria Continues to Try to Force Its eNaira on Its People – Bitcoin Remains the Best Alternative.

From $5K to $250K, Why Do So-called Experts’ Predictions for the Bitcoin Price in 2023 Vary So Much?

The Simple Reason Why Bitcoin Will Always Be a More Trusted System Than the Current Monetary and Financial System.

The Winning Plan for 2023 (and Beyond) With Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Was Once Again by Far the Most Popular Digital Currency in 2022.