Hello everyone, my name is Sylvain Saurel. I'm a Top Writer on Medium and Quora for everything about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, investing, economics, and money.

I created the publication In Bitcoin We Trust in which I publish daily feature articles on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to show that Bitcoin is a revolution that goes far beyond financial investment.

In order to help the community to more easily discover quality articles about Bitcoin, I created a dedicated website: Bitcoin-Weekly.

I also comment on the economic issues at the heart of the economic crisis starting in this year 2020. This economic crisis will have an incredible impact on Bitcoin, and my goal is to help you to be as aware of it as possible.

With the right inputs, you can make the best decisions for your future with regard to Bitcoin. With this newsletter, I offer you some more personal thoughts on how best to really take advantage of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

I'm also a developer, and from time to time I publish tutorials showing how a Blockchain like Bitcoin works. If the subject interests you more specifically, feel free to tell me about it in the comments, I'll provide you with more articles on the subject.

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