Sitemap - 2022 - In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter

A Look Back at a Difficult, but Instructive, Year in 2022 for Bitcoin.

Tulips and Bitcoin Now Go Hand in Hand in the Netherlands. A Lesson for Bitcoin Opponents.

Is a Bull Run Possible for the Price of Bitcoin in 2023? Some Food for Thought.

Michael Burry Explains (Indirectly) Why You Need to Get Your Cryptocurrencies off the Exchange Platforms.

350 Fraudulent Tokens Are Created Every Day: Rug Pull Scams Are Becoming Commonplace. All the More Reason to Focus on Bitcoin.

Danske Bank Pays $2B to Turn the Page on Scandals – Bitcoin Is Needed More Than Ever.

Don’t Believe the Lies of the Powerful People in the Current System: Bitcoin Is a Trap for Criminals.

Still Doubtful of Bitcoin’s Utility? Look at What’s Happening in Iran Where the Regime Wants to Freeze the Bank Accounts of Female Rebels.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin – FTX Was Selling Fake BTC to Its Users.

Bottom or Not Bottom for the Bitcoin price? Arcane Research and Glassnode Suggest That the Bottom Is Near.

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Unpopular Opinion: If You Are a Bitcoiner, You Can Say Thank You to SBF, Do Kwon, or Alex Mashinsky.

Bitcoin Miners Operating in New York State Must Use 100% Renewable Energy or Leave.

CZ Spreads Rumors About Coinbase’s BTC Reserves - Brian Armstrong Destroys the FUD by Reminding People That His Company Is Public.

New York Fed Launches Digital Dollar PoC Project – It’s Time to Get Interested in Buying BTC in No-KYC Mode.

The FTX Crypto Fiasco Is a Gift to All Bitcoin Haters.

50,491 BTC "In" a Popcorn Box: The Incredible Story of the Silk Road Booty Now Held by the US Authorities.

Do What I Say, Not What I Do – CCP Led by Xi Jinping Is a Bitcoin Whale With Nearly 200K BTC.

Central Banks Are Rushing Into Gold: 400 Tons in Q3 2022 for $20B. And Soon Bitcoin?

Core Scientific Is on the Verge of Bankruptcy – Over-Optimism Is Unforgiving in the Bitcoin Mining Industry.

FTX Collapse, Binance Takeover – The Two Big Lessons to Learn According to Changpeng Zhao.

Faced With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Kazakhstan Opts for Pragmatism.

Turkey Is Closing In on 200% Inflation, As Erdogan Gives His People Always More Reasons to Opt for Bitcoin.

German Bank Raiffeisen Bank Puts an End to Cash – One More Reason, If Needed, to Opt for Bitcoin.

The Fed Is Deepening Its Losses, but Don’t Worry the Fed Won’t Go Bankrupt, Because It Makes the Rules of the Game.

A University Study Reveals How Bitcoin Traders Make Money by Taking Advantage of Its Price Volatility.

The Technology War Between America and China Will Further Strengthen the American Bitcoin Mining Industry.

IMF and CCP, Same Fight to Create a Society of Mass Surveillance. Bitcoin Is More Necessary Than Ever.

100 Years Ago, Henry Ford Already Theorized an Energy-Based Currency Like Bitcoin.

MasterCard Wants to Convert Bank Accounts to Cryptos – But Remember, You Don’t Need a Third Party to Buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Uses 60% Renewable Energy While Being 100x More Secure Than All Competing Cryptocurrencies Combined.

Here Are the 3 Legitimate Criticisms About Bitcoin That You Can Make.

Beware, There Is Only One Bitcoin, It Is BTC. A Miner of the Ersatz BSV Has Taken Control of 80% of the Hash Rate.

Changpeng Zhao Comes Out of His Silence to Respond to Reuters’ Accusations Against Binance.

Recent PayPal Scandal Shows You Why You Should Absolutely Reject CBDCs.

Ethereum 2.0: How the Centralization of the Network Makes It a Scary Censorship Machine.

The Dangers of KYC – Top 10 Personalities Rekt With the Celsius Scam.

Tether Claims to Be Done With USDT Commercial Paper Reserves. True or False?

Bitcoin Solves the Number One Problem for All Investors.

Greenpeace Wastes $1M on a Campaign to Change Bitcoin.

A Year After Nigeria Launched It to Counter the Use of Bitcoin, the eNaira Is a Failure.

Africa and the Middle East Are Emerging As Growth Areas for Bitcoin.

I Debunk for You Several Lies About Bitcoin’s Ecological Impact Propagated by the Opponents.

With Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Vladimir Putin Wants to Follow the Same Path As Other Dictators.

Inflation Hits Double Digits in the Eurozone – More Than Ever, You Should HODL Bitcoin No Matter What.

"The Environmental Damage of Bitcoin Is Comparable to That of Beef" – Debunking the FUD.

These 5 Words Will Ruin Your Bitcoin Journey. It’s Up to You To Avoid These Pitfalls.

The Real Reason Why Governments, the World Bank, the IMF, the Fed, or the ECB Falsely Denigrate Bitcoin.

A Scientific Study Confirms It: The Bitcoin Mining Industry Is Well Dispersed Around the World.

Digital Euro: ECB chooses Amazon ... Bitcoin is still your best option.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Is Wrong – Bitcoin Is Not a "Tumor", but the Cure for the Current Sick System. Error in Your Favor, You Receive $7.2M Instead of $68. What Do You Do?

Ethereum “Merge” Has Finally Happened – First-Day Recap and Bullish Consequences for Bitcoin.

Noise vs. Signal in the Bitcoin World. It’s Up to You to See the Bigger Picture.

Bitcoin Is Not an Enemy, but an Ally in the Fight Against Climate Change.

The Taliban Are Banning Bitcoin, Without Trying to Understand Why Bitcoin Is Vital to Afghans.

When Hyperinflation Rhymes With Chaos - The Story of Zimbabwe With Inflation of 231,000,000% in 2008

Learn, Buy, HODL, Repeat: 4 Habits To Achieve Freedom With Bitcoin.

Bottom or Not Bottom for Bitcoin? Here Are Some Thoughts on the Matter.

The Bold Lesson To Be Learned From the Story of Coinbase’s First Employee Olaf Carlson-Wee.

5 Human Rights Bitcoin Help to Preserve.

Borrowing Fiat Money to Buy Bitcoin ... Good or Bad Idea?

As Celsius’ Losses Approach $3B, the Truth About Alex Mashinsky Comes to Light.

Blockchains Bridges Are the New Favorite Target of Crypto Hackers.

No Internet Connection or Smartphone? You Can Still Use Bitcoin Now (*).

How Time Flies! Two Years Ago, Michael J. Saylor Decided to Go All-in on Bitcoin With MicroStrategy

Bitcoin at $100K? Just a Matter of Time for Mike McGlone of Bloomberg.

8 Security Tips To Better Protect Your Bitcoin.

Even the ECB Cannot Deny the Obvious: Bitcoin Is the Holy Grail of Cross-Border Payments.

The Fed's Plan to Create a Digital Dollar Is Met With Hostility.

The Big Flippening Between the USDT and USDC Is Getting Closer and Could Occur As Early As October 2022.

“Das Krisenjahr” – The Trauma of the Hyperinflation of 1923 During the Weimar Republic in Germany.

Circle and USDC Close to Bankruptcy? FUD or Not? Bitcoin Could Once Again Save the Day.

The 3 Properties That Make Bitcoin a Unique Invention in the History of Mankind.

On Why Buying Bitcoin Is Your the Best Way To Stop an Unfair System.

Three Charged in First-Ever Cryptocurrency Insider Trading Scheme – Coinbase in SEC’s Crosshairs.

Abandoned by the World Bank or the UN, Migrants in Africa Are Turning to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Is Coming Out of 73 Days of Extreme Fear, but Don’t Make the Mistake of Giving In to FOMO.

Sustainable Electricity Use Reaches 59.5% – Bitcoin Is Greener Than Ever, and the Best Is to Come.

Buy, Hold, and Don’t Watch Too Closely – Warren Buffett’s 3 Tips for Bitcoin Bear Market.

Samsung Begins 3-Nanometer Chip Production – Bitcoin Mining Will Decarbonize XXL in the Coming Years

I’m a Simple Guy. No Smarter Than the Average Person. That’s Why I Buy, and HODL Bitcoin.

With the Bear Market, the Specter of a Lehman Brothers on the Cryptocurrency Universe Is Resurfacing.

The Profitability of Bitcoin Mining Is Primarily a Matter of Geography.

Bitcoin Price Falls Back Below $20K As Outlook Looks Brutal.

CPI, Fed, GDP … Here Are the 3 Key Dates of July in America for the Bitcoin Market.

Education Is the Way Out of the Vicious Cycle of Bitcoin’s Relentless Repetition of Bear Markets.

Trust Me, Don’t Verify – Alex Mashinsky Advocates Decentralization As Celsius Network Freezes Customer Assets.

Some Bitcoin Miners May Have Trouble Paying Back Their Loans – $4 Billion in Loans Are Involved.

Bitcoin Bear Market – Centralized Exchange Platforms Take the Hit and Make Massive Layoffs.

Project MiCA – EU Continues To Show Its Incompetence With a Disastrous Agreement on Cryptocurrency.

For Contrarian Investors, Here Are the 3 Reasons to Smile With the Bitcoin Price at $19K.

Here Is Why the G7 Ban on Russian Gold Is a Game-Changer, Even for Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin at $20K – A Nightmare for Speculators, a Dream for Bitcoiners.

5 Reasons Why Selling Your Bitcoin Now Is Pure Nonsense.

Recession Likely to Come to America – Bitcoin Will Soon Enter Uncharted Territory.

The Inconvenient Truth for BTC Haters – Bitcoin Uses 56x Less Energy Than the Legacy System.

Bitcoin Bear Market Lesson – The Danger of Blindly Following the Advice of Celebrities Like Matt Damon.

On Its 10th Anniversary, Coinbase Is Facing a Crisis of Growth As Crypto Winter Is Here.

Bitcoin Is Dying Once Again, but Rest Assured, Bitcoin Will Emerge Stronger, As Always.

Bitcoin Plunges to $20K, Total Panic in the Market – Here Is the Only Question You Need to Answer.

The 7 Stages of a Bear Market – Where Are We With Bitcoin?

Bear Market Gold Lesson: With Cryptocurrencies, You Must Learn to Separate the Wheat From the Chaff.

You Know Why You Buy Bitcoin. Now You'll Know Why Others Do.

The Seven Pillars of Bitcoin.

Want To Know How To Trade Bitcoin With Success? Follow the Whales.

Bitcoin Price Falls Back Below $30K (Again). Expect Volatility in the Coming Days.

Two Positives of a Bitcoin Painful Market.

5 Reasons Why New York State’s Attack on Bitcoin Mining Is a Historic Mistake.

Even If the Bottom Is In for the Bitcoin Market, Don’t Expect a Big Surge to a New ATH for a While.

Facebook in the Cryptocurrency World: Story of a Fiasco.

Even UFC World Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou Is Sleeping Better at Night Thanks to Bitcoin.

After 9 Weeks in the Red, Bitcoin Is Back in the Green. But Has the Bottom Been Reached?

Terra’s Ecosystem Collapse Is a Tribute to the Slow Virtuous Evolution of the Bitcoin System.

The Central African Republic Clarifies Its Project With Bitcoin – The Goal Is to Become a Model for Africa.

Afraid of a Big Financial Crash? Bill Miller Says Bitcoin Is Your Insurance Against Such a Catastrophe.

Why Terra 2.0 Is Doomed to Fail.

It’s in the Tough Times That Your Confidence Level in Bitcoin Will Really Emerge.

Here Is Why Bitcoin Is the Best Stablecoin.

Bitcoin Posts 8th Weekly Red Candle – Is the Market About To Make a Decision?

El Salvador Has Shown 44 Countries How Bitcoin Can Bank the Unbanked and Give Them a Better Future.

Is Vladimir Putin's Russia behind the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender in Central Africa?

Amazon’s Huge Success After a Bumpy Ride Provides You With an Essential Lesson To Apply With Bitcoin

Is It a Good Time to Buy? – Always the Same Question With Bitcoin, and Always the Same Answer.

$69K Bitcoin vs. $30K Bitcoin: Different Price, but Same Code and Guarantees on the Protocol.

Even With Bitcoin at $30K, MicroStrategy and Tesla Continue to Believe in Bitcoin More Than Ever.

Terra LUNA at Around $0.00029 - Don't Let Your Greed Take Over, Stay Away.

Is Bitcoin Still Worth to HODL? The History of Previous Declines > 50% Tells You Yes.

The Fall of the LUNA Sh*tcoin Is Dragging the Market Into the Abyss, but Bitcoin Will Emerge Stronger.

Fear Is Growing? It Is a Great Time To Buy a Strong Asset Such As Bitcoin That Can Be Held for a Long Time.

Bitcoin Price Plunges Towards $30K: Is the Big One Imminent? Is It Time To Panic?

Anybody Can Build a Crypto, but Not Bitcoin.

The Key to Improving the Situation for Everyone With Bitcoin Is Knowledge Sharing.

Bitcoin Will Help Prevent Wars, but It Will Not Be a Miracle Peace Weapon.

4 Barriers to Bitcoin Mass Adoption (and Their Solutions).

Bullish News Continues To Pile Up, While the Price of Bitcoin Remains Stuck in Its Range. What’s Next?

Bitcoin Can Go Below $30K. Here Is Why I Continue To Buy Bitcoin and HODL No Matter What.

If You Still Believe in Central Banks After the Last 24 Months, Don’t Buy Bitcoin.

Scared of a Bitcoin Bear Market? Warren Buffett Advises You To Buy More BTC (*)

Mr. Whale Accuses Michael J. Saylor of Selling His Bitcoin in Secret – A Few Things for You To Judge Who the Liar Is Here.

The Dilemma Faced by All Beginners in the Bitcoin World. Choose the Right Path.

Holding 150,000 BTC, the Winklevoss Twins Are on Their Way to Getting Revenge on Mark Zuckerberg.

7 Charts To Understand Why What Is Currently Happening With the Price of Bitcoin Is Bullish.

Michael J. Saylor’s Simple but Compelling Demonstration for Those Who Consider Bitcoin Risky.

Wondering Why Bitcoin Adoption Is Taking So Long? It’s Because Most People Need To See for Themselves the Need for Bitcoin.

Listening to So Many People Talk About a Bear Market With Bitcoin at $40K Makes Me Bullish.

Here Is The Main Reason Why So Many People Are Still Afraid of Bitcoin.

The IMF Confuses Cause and Effect by Pointing to the Greater Use of Bitcoin in Corrupt Countries.

5 Reasons Why the Lightning Network Is Essential for Bitcoin’s Future.

Buy Bitcoin, but Buy Bitcoin for the Right Reasons.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is More Than Just an Asset

Uncertainty Is Back in the Bitcoin Market, but Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic.

Own Bitcoin or Be Owned by an Unfair Monetary and Financial System.

As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Have Only Bitcoin as a Hope.

Here’s the Bigger Picture To Understand What’s in Store for the Bitcoin Price in the Coming Months.

80% of Central Banks Are Preparing a CBDC. Facing This Danger, Bitcoin Is Still Your Best Weapon.

Bitcoin Falls to $43K, While the Bitcoin Miami 2022 Conference Was Supposed To Take Us to $50K. Why?

3 Psychological Reasons You Struggle To Regulate Your Emotions With Bitcoin.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Fixes This for the Developing World.

Michael J. Saylor Is Stacking More BTC, As Bitcoin Tries To Turn $45K Into Support. What’s Next?

From Skeptical To Bitcoiner: The 7-Steps Journey Followed By More And More People.

Q1 Review for the Markets – Bitcoin Is Holding Up Well. The Best Is Yet To Come in 2022.

Yes, Bitcoin Can Go to $0, and That’s Why Bitcoin Will Never Go to $0.

Have Doubts About Bitcoin? Open Your Eyes to the Flaws of the Current System and You’ll Be Convinced.

Bill Gates Does Not Believe in Bitcoin, Just As He Did Not Believe in the Internet in 1995.

Russia Is Turning to Bitcoin Mining To Use Its Energy Resources, Which May Soon Have No Buyers.

You Want Answers and Guarantees With Bitcoin, but What You Need Is To Learn To Make Decisions for Yourself.

3 Reasons To Buy Bitcoin Now – And 2 Reasons Not To.

$150M in Liquidated Shorts and the Bitcoin Price Finally Crosses $45K – What’s Next?

Here’s Why Bitcoin Will Be King in Hard Times, Just As Gold Has Been in Centuries Past.

3 Reasons Why Russia Accepting Bitcoin for Oil and Gas Is Not a Game-Changer in the Short Term.

The Fruits of Your Labor, Their Arbitrary Rules – That’s the Threat Bitcoin Frees You From.

Bitcoin Will Have Allowed Us To Go From 0 to 1, Next Step Is To Rely on Bitcoin To Go From 1 to N

Bitcoin Supply Side Is Setting Up for a Moon Shot, but Its Price Still Lacks a Key Element To Take Off.

The Eleven Most Popular Bitcoin Memes Explained

A 4 Step Plan To Stop Overthinking After Your Bitcoin Purchases.

There’s No Such Thing As Bitcoin’s Fair Value. There’s Just the Price You Are Willing To Pay for What Bitcoin Offers.

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Brings You Peace of Mind.

U.S. Treasury Launches Campaign To Educate Public About Crypto Risks – Here Is Why It’s Bullish for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price Evolution When the Fed Rates Hike – The Past Shows Us That There Is No Reason To Panic.

Want To Earn Bitcoin but Have No Initial Investment? Here Is the Solution.

Bitcoin Is the Great Reset of the Current System, Not Just an Answer to the 2008 Financial Crisis

Bitcoin’s Sideways Price Consolidation About To End – Direction Will Be Taken After Fed Announcements.

Birth of a Bretton Woods III – The Fall of the American Dollar King, the Emergence of Outside Money.

Being a Bitcoiner Will Be the Norm in the Future, Not the Exception.

Bitcoin’s Price Continues To Move Sideways – $45K Resistance Is the Key for the Next Bullish Wave

The Bitcoin Revolution Would Be Meaningless Without the Preservation of These 5 Key Values

Here Is Why Bitcoiners Hate Fiat Currencies So Much.

The Only Indicator You Need To Focus on To Stay Relaxed With the Bitcoin Price

Whether You Like It or Not, Bitcoin Offers the Same Benefits to All Its Users. Good or Bad.

Bitcoin Price Makes 3rd Higher-Low – Fifth Test of $45K Resistance Imminent.

Trust, Don’t Verify – Do Not Buy Bitcoin if You Agree With Any of These 10 Statements

Commodities Act As Meme Tokens, Fear Continues To Dominate – What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

Differences in Bitcoin Perception Across Generations

Gold Price Crosses $2K per Ounce. Remember What Happened Next for Bitcoin the Last Time This Happened.

On the Ups and Downs of Bitcoin Price

Why Bitcoin Matters More Than Ever for a Better World in the Future.

Elliott Wave Theory in Action – What if Bitcoin Is on the Verge of the Impulse Wave 5?

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Not Allow Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchs To Escape US Sanctions

Here’s Why I Still Think Bitcoin Will Hit $100K (at Least) in 2022.

Trezor vs. Ledger – Which Is the Best Hardware Wallet To Use With Bitcoin?

Russians See Bitcoin as a Safe Haven – Volumes Explode, and the Bitcoin Price Rises 20% in 24h

A Weapon for Peace, Not War – Bitcoin Is an Exit Strategy for Humans

Possible Double Bottom Pattern in Formation for Bitcoin Price – What’s Next?

Unpopular Opinion: Giving Bitcoin Away Doesn’t Help Adoption.

The Ukraine-Russia Crisis Teaches Us 4 Initial Lessons About the Role of Bitcoin in Such Events

Don’t Dream Too Hard – Vladimir Putin Won’t Bet Everything on Bitcoin To Survive US and EU Sanctions

Wanting More Privacy and Anonymity Than Bitcoin Can Give You? 3 Privacy Coins To Consider.

Worried About Regulations’ Impact on Bitcoin? You May Not Really Understand What Bitcoin Is.

Russia Invades Ukraine – Don’t Lose Sight of Bitcoin Fundamentals To Resist the War of Emotions

You Are Missing the Point if You Think Bitcoin Technology Is Outdated and Will Be Replaced

6 Charts To Review Potential Scenarios for the Bitcoin Price in the Short Term

Awareness of Bitcoin Utility Is Growing Globally – Step Back From Its Price To See the Bigger Picture

There Is No Best Price for Bitcoin. There Is Just the Price at Which You Choose To Buy Bitcoin.

4 Moves To Make in a Bitcoin Bear Market That Will Make All the Difference for You Later

The Terrible Reality of Bitcoin Today

Fear of war between Ukraine and Russia grows again - What's next for Bitcoin Price?

Canadian Government’s Authoritarian Drift Accelerates Awareness That Bitcoin Is More Than Just a Store of Value

Charlie Munger Calls Bitcoin a “Venereal Disease” – Elon Musk Gives Him the Best Answer

The 6 Characteristics Defining a Real Money in Which Bitcoin Excels

Bitcoin and KYC Policies – Everything You Need To Know (Risks, How To Protect Yourself, …)

How To Go From a Losing Bitcoin Trader to a Winning Bitcoin HODLer

The Bottom Is Almost In for Bitcoin – A Big Bullish Wave on the Horizon for the Months To Come

They Didn’t Think These Technologies Would Disrupt the World, but They Did, As Bitcoin Will

Bitcoin on the Same Adoption S-Curve As the Internet – Some Thoughts and Figures

All Bitcoin Trading Platforms Are Not Equal – Kraken Stands Out With Its Proof of Reserves

Bitcoin Reached Dollar Parity Just 11 Years Ago – Two Mistakes Made by Early BTC HODLers To Avoid

Look at Bitcoin Price One Year Ago, and You Will Understand Why You Must Play Long-Term

Do the Math, Run the Numbers, and You’ll Understand Why Bitcoin Is a Unique Species of Money

Second Rejection at the $45.5K Resistance for Bitcoin – What’s Next for Its Price?

Russia To Recognize Bitcoin As Currency – What Are the Geopolitical Implications of Such a Decision?

Four Essential Questions on Bitcoin Privacy and Anonymity Answered

DOJ Seizes $4B in BTC – A Look Back at a Story That Began in 2016 With the Bitfinex Hack

Bitcoin and the Story of the Empty Transactions’ Block

Bitcoin Price Hits $45.5K, but a Pullback With Consolidation on Supports Is Needed To Confirm the Momentum Reversal

Bitcoin Awareness Is a Matter of Time and Is Built in Difficult Times

The Digital Dollar Will Not Be a Threat to Bitcoin, but Rather a Trojan Horse Pushed by the Fed Itself

You’ve Bought Bitcoin, Congratulations! But What Does It Mean To Own Some Bitcoin?

Things Are Heating Up – $100M of Shorts Liquidated, and Here Comes Bitcoin Price Back Above $41K

Bitcoin’s Price Still Can’t Break Through Resistance at $38.5K – Is a Drop Towards $30K To Follow?

India Plans To Make Bitcoin Legal – Tens of Millions of Indians Will Soon Come To Buy Bitcoin

Who Else Wants to DCA With Bitcoin Like Michael J. Saylor? Here Are the 4 Essential Rules To Follow

Bitcoin Opponents Fear the Known, Not Uncertainty

3 Key Data From Bitcoin’s Derivatives Markets To Know To Better Understand Its Price Evolution

Owning Bitcoin Can Be Risky on Short-Term, but Not Owning Bitcoin Is a Far Greater Risk on Long-Term

Is the Worst Over for the Price of Bitcoin? Or Is It Still To Come?

8 Reasons Why We HODL Bitcoin No Matter What

Game Theory in Action – The Example of Vladimir Putin’s Russia With Bitcoin

Break the Law of Silence – Former US Government Regulator Says Bitcoin Is a Tool for Social Justice

The Fed Has Spoken, but the Doublespeak Does Not Reassure the Markets – What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

IMF Urges El Salvador To Drop Bitcoin As Legal Tender – This Is Why We Need Bitcoin More Than Ever

On Redefining Time Horizon With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Bounces to $36K, As Everyone Now Awaits for the Fed and Jerome Powell Tomorrow

On Why Not Selling Is So Hard – HODLing Bitcoin Is the Best Strategy, but Also the Hardest One

The 5 Big Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Be a Major Force for Good in the Fight Against Climate Change

Bitcoin Suffers 8th 50%+ Crash in Its History – Guess What Happened Each Time After That?

Massive Sell-Off Continues for Bitcoin Amid a Global Drop for All Markets.

Wanting To Protect Yourself From Whales Manipulation on Bitcoin Price? Adopt This Strategy

Bitcoin Price Hits 6-Month Low of 38.5K – What’s Next?

Bitcoin Is Greener Than Ever – 3 Key Takeaways From the Latest Bitcoin Mining Council Report

Stop Lying to Yourself – If You Don't Buy Bitcoin at $40K, You Won’t Do It at $10K Either

Bitcoin Is Currently Facing the Iceberg Illusion

Is a Bitcoin Bear Market Imminent? 8 Indicators To Watch Closely.

4 Things That Make Bitcoin Different From All You Know

The Common Trait Among All Those Who Hate Bitcoin and Want To See Its Revolution Fail

3 Potential Scenarios for Bitcoin Price in 2022

8 Unknown Facts About Bitcoin

Solo Home Miner Earns 6.25 BTC Reward – Should You Try Your Luck by Mining Bitcoin From Home?

Beware of Middlemen Like Banks and PayPal That Try To Steal the Bitcoin Revolution From You

Bottom Seems In for Bitcoin Price – Crucial Resistance at $46K Is Now in Sight.

Don’t Let Bad-Faith Naysayers Diminish the Scope of Bitcoin’s Huge Advancements in 2021

Focus on Bitcoin Utility Growth Potential – This Is How Changpeng Zhao Got a Fortune of $96B

Focus on the Number of BTC You HODL, Not the Current Price of Bitcoin in Weak Money.

The $40K-$42K Range Replaces the Previous $46K-$52K for Bitcoin – Short Squeeze Incoming?

Where There Is Unity There Is Always Victory – On Why Uniting Behind Bitcoin Is Your Best Chance

Death Cross Is Here. Bitcoin Goes Below $40K. Is It Time To Panic?

Why Bitcoin Must Never Leave Proof-of-Work (PoW).

Bitcoin Fixes the Wealth Cycle To Allow You To Get Freedom

Bitcoin Futures Market 101

Absolute vs. Relative Numbers – Why Bitcoin and Cryptos Are Being Used Less and Less by Criminals.

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Defeat Banking

Bitcoin Drops to $42K – As Extreme Fear Grips the Market, the 4th Largest Whale Adds Another 43K BTC

Bitcoin Market Is Like Squid Game’s “Red Light, Green Light” – If You Panic, You Are Done

The Accumulation Continues on Low Volumes – What’s Next for Bitcoin Price? South or North?

Still Thinking Bitcoin Is a Madoff-Style Ponzi Scheme? Listen to the World’s Best Hedge Fund Managers Investing in Bitcoin

Instead of Bashing Bitcoin, Westerners Should See How It Improves Life in Developing Countries

11 Chart Patterns to Know to Better Anticipate Bullish or Bearish Movements in the Bitcoin Price

Wanting To Explain to a Baby Boomer What Bitcoin Is? Use This Simple 3-Step Explanation

We Are Year 13 After Bitcoin Network Came Into Existence. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again.

Here Is What Jordan Belfort, Nick Leeson, and Martin Shkreli Think About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies