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The Year 2021 in 10 Key Moments for Bitcoin.

Compare Bitcoin and the Anachronistic Banking System on LinkedIn, Then Get Censored.

Bitcoin Price Rejects $52K Again – Accumulation Phase Continues As Expected Over the Vacations

Bitcoin Opens Your Eyes to the Trap of the Consumer Society and Offers You a Way Out

The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Become the Standard for Generation Z and Generation Alpha

Some Musings on Bitcoin Distribution – More and More Long-Term HODLers and Illiquid BTC

9 Lessons Bitcoin Will Have Taught Us in 2021

War Against Inflation – Bitcoin Beats S&P 500, Gold, and Silver by a Wide Margin in 2021

Bitcoin Frees You From a Banking System That Is Totally Anachronistic

Merry Christmas to All Bitcoiners. For the Others, What Are You Waiting for To Take Power Over Your Life?

Jack Dorsey Thinks Bitcoin Will Replace USD – It’s a Strong Possibility, but the Road Is Still Long

You Can’t Change Your Past With Bitcoin, but You Can Still Change Your Future for the Better

100% Guaranteed – Bitcoin Will Change Your Life, but Not As You Originally Thought

Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Programmatic Monetary Policy Is Superior

Breakout Started for Bitcoin Price – Is $52K Price the Next Step?

A Better Future for El Salvador Through Bitcoin – Nayib Bukele Stands Up to Global Institutions

Expectations vs. Reality – You Have To Accept the Way the Bitcoin Price Is Progressing.

The Question That Everyone Is Asking Without Daring To Ask It – Can SHIBA INU Reach $1 One Day?

If You Can’t Kill Bitcoin, Join Bitcoin – Central Banks Will Follow the Same Path As Private Banks

On the Importance of Zooming Out With Bitcoin

Having Trouble Understanding How Bitcoin Mining Works? This Reverse Lottery Analogy Should Help

The 23 Worst Pieces of Advice Ever Received in the Bitcoin World Since Its Inception

BoE Warns Bitcoin Could Become “Worthless” – It’s True, and That’s Why Bitcoin Is So Valuable

Fed Accelerates Tightening – Bitcoin and the Markets Go Green Again. Why?

Bitcoin Price Continues To Consolidate Sideways, Awaiting What the Fed Will Announce Today

You Will Never Have All The Answers – Use Mike Horn’s 5% Rule To Take Action With Bitcoin

90% of Bitcoin Supply Has Been Mined – This Should Make You Question Where You Are With Your Goals

Unpopular Opinion: You Have To Respect Charlie Munger Even if He Admires China for Banning Bitcoin

USDT vs. USDC – The Big Flippening That Is Approaching Fast and That Nobody Talks About

Discover How a Transaction Is Added to the Bitcoin Blockchain and Secured via Mining in 9 Steps

If You Want Certainty, Hold On to Your USD Which Will Continue To Fall. Otherwise, Buy Bitcoin.

The Market Continues Its Accumulation Phase - What’s Next for Bitcoin Price?

This Man Lost 7,500 BTC 8 Years Ago by Throwing Away His HDD – Here Is the Lesson To Be Learned

Some Politicians Think CBDCs Will Make Bitcoin Obsolete – They Won’t, Bitcoin Is Unique.

The 8 Factors That Influence the Price of Bitcoin Downwards That You Should Know About

Bitcoin Leverage Trading 101 – Everything You Need To Understand What Happened on December 3, 2021

8 Misconceptions You Need To Get Rid of To Embrace the Bitcoin Revolution

As Bitcoin Price Goes Back Above $51K, Everyone Wonders if $69K Was the Top of This Cycle

7 Signs You’re an Early Adopter if You Buy Bitcoin Today

Bought BTC To Get Rich? No Problem, but Now, You Must Discover the 4 Rules of the Bitcoin Protocol

The Great Hypocrisy Exposed – Governments Say Bitcoin Is a Dangerous Scam, but Tax You on It

Has Bitcoin Entered a Bear Market? Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Bitcoin Price Collapses Below $50K in Hours in the Midst of a Trader’s War – What You Need To Know

Don’t Expect Anything From Bitcoin Price in Short-Term, but Be Ready for Everything

This $36M SIM Swap Scam Will Remind You of Good Practices To Secure Your Bitcoin

Louis Pouzin’s Datagram Story Is There To Remind Us Why Being a Bitcoin Maximalist Is Common Sense

Be Stronger Than FOMO and FUD Feelings in the Bitcoin World – 6 Golden Rules To Apply

Jerome Powell Finally Admits That Inflation Is Not Transitory – Bitcoin Is Here To Protect You

Indestructible King for 50 Years, the U.S. Dollar Will Face a New Kind of Competition With Bitcoin

$10.5B Lost to Theft and Fraud in 2021 – Protecting Your Bitcoin Is Easy When You Understand This

5 Solutions to Store and Secure Your Bitcoin Outside of Trading Platforms

Take 5 Minutes To Imagine What the World Would Look Like Without Bitcoin. Then Be Thankful.

Mainstream Media Talks About the Bear Market – This Usually Precedes a Strong Reversal for Bitcoin

Fiatcoiner vs. Shitcoiner vs. Bitcoiner – Which One Are You?

The Only Fear You Should Have With Bitcoin Right Now: Not Accumulating Enough

The 10 Incredible Guarantees the Bitcoin Protocol Gives You in a World More Uncertain Than Ever

The 5 Major New Challenges for the Fed in the Coming Months

To Fight Against a Corrupt and Flawed Banking System, Bitcoin Is Your Only Weapon.

Bitcoin Price Continues Sideways Consolidation – What’s Next?

What’s Next for the Bitcoin Protocol Now That Taproot Has Been Activated?

Excitement, Boredom, Fear – No Short-Term Bitcoin Price Movement Lasts Forever. Learn To Zoom Out

Hilary Clinton Sees Bitcoin as a Threat to the US Dollar – That’s the Plan Hilary

TINA Has Given Way to FOMO – Last Step Before a Stock Market Crash?

El Salvador Continues Its March Forward by Announcing the Creation of the World’s First Bitcoin City

Four Books That Will Change Your Life by Opening Your Eyes to the Bitcoin Revolution

NgU and GMI Are the Two Driving Forces Making Bitcoin Inevitable

These 5 Charts Indicate That the Bull Market Is Not Over for Bitcoin

Customers of the First Bitcoin Giant MtGox Will Soon Share $9B

Want Freedom and Power? Bitcoin Is What You Need, but It Comes at a Price

Bitcoin Price Drops Below $60K – What’s Next?

“Is Bitcoin Too Complicated for Mass Adoption?” Is Like Asking in 1997 if “Is the Internet Too Complicated for Mass Adoption?”

VanEck’s Spot-Market Bitcoin ETF Is Rejected – SEC Continues To Act to the Detriment of US Investors

Don’t Be Afraid When Bitcoin Crashes, Keep in Mind How Far We’ve Come and How Far We Still Have To Go

Taproot Has Been Activated on the Bitcoin Network – What You Need To Know

This Simple Advice on Bitcoin From Satoshi Nakamoto Is All You Need To Know To Take Action

Make Your Choice – USD Eats Your Purchasing Power. Bitcoin Eats USD To Protect Your Purchasing Power

Bitcoin Price Below $64K – Don’t Be Afraid, $75K-$80K Remains the Target for Late November 2021

Rich Bitcoin HODLer vs Poor Bitcoin Trader

6 Essential Lessons From “The Tortoise and the Hare” To Master the Bitcoin Game

Once Elon Musk Sells 10% of His Tesla Stock, Buying Bitcoin Will Be His Best Option

Bitcoin Hits a New ATH at $68K – Don’t Get Overly Excited, Keep Building Patiently.

Mission Flippening – Bitcoin Is About To Surpass Silver’s Market Cap. Then It Will Be Time for Gold

Don’t Like the USD System in Which You Are Trapped? Participate in Building a Better System With Bitcoin.

The True Millionaire Lane – Buy $621 Worth of Bitcoin, Then Adopt the Bitcoiner Mindset

The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards With Bitcoin

SAND Rises +320% in a Few Days – Discover More on The Sandbox Which Promotes an Open Metaverse

Fed To Start Tapering – Don’t Be Afraid, the Party Will Continue in the Markets

What Can You Expect for the Bitcoin Price in November? The Road to $80K Is Clear

Everything Is Written for Bitcoin – First Private Banks Will Hold Bitcoin, Then Central Banks

Enthusiasm and Euphoria in the Bitcoin World Are Common. Trust and Patience Are Scarce.

4 Things Every Bitcoiner Must Give Up

The Land of the Second Chance – How a $4.2B Order Boosted Hertz and Propelled Tesla Past the $1T

Nigeria Launches eNaira in a Futile Attempt To Combat the Emergence of Bitcoin in Its Territory

When a Sh*tcoin Like SHIBA INU Goes Parabolic, Don’t Lose Sight of Why You Bought Bitcoin

Bitcoin Market vs. Others Markets – Why Bitcoin’s Growth Potential Remains Phenomenal

Bitcoin Adoption Accelerates in Africa, Driven by the Need for a Fairer System

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes That Put Your Bitcoin at Risk

Stop Making These 6 Excuses That Are Holding You Back To Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hits New ATH at $66.9K Before Correcting – Don’t Panic, That’s Great

Why You Should Opt for Buying Real Spot Bitcoin Rather Than Exposure via Bitcoin (Futures) ETFs.

Money Is a Good Servant Only if You Are the True Master. Buy Bitcoin To Take the Power Over Your Life

You’re Not Confused About What To Do With Bitcoin. You Just Need the Courage To Do What You Know Is Right.

The #1 Rule To Always Win With Bitcoin

The First Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. Is Here – Don’t Be So Optimistic, It Is Not Based on the Spot Market

5 Months After China Banned Bitcoin Mining, America Leads Network Hash Rate With 42.7%

How the IMF’s Attitude With Lebanon Fostered the Current Crisis, and Why Bitcoin Could Fix This

Why More and More Investors Are Turning Away From the Stock Market To Go Into the Bitcoin World

Be Ready for the $100K – The 11 Things That Point to a Phenomenal Q4 2021 for Bitcoin

What Is the Cost of Doing Nothing With Bitcoin?

Here Is The Main Reason Why You Must Run a Bitcoin Full Node

Bitcoin Is an Accumulation Game. Start Then Never Stop To Buy.

No Plan To Ban Bitcoin – America Must Go Further in Embracing the Bitcoin Revolution Right Now

The Four Levels To Achieve Self-Sovereignty With Bitcoin

How Bitcoin Is the Answer to US Economic Sanctions for Nations

Bitcoin Rektember Is Over. Welcome to Bitcoin Uptober.

Two Major Reasons Why Bitcoin Leaves No One Indifferent

Every Time You Hesitate To Buy Bitcoin, You Put Your Future at Risk

6 Reasons Why the Success of Bitcoin Is Inevitable

China Bans Anything That Promotes Freedom – It Is an Honor for Bitcoin To Be Banned by China

Stop Being a Mere Passenger in a Collapsing System, Become the Driver of Your Own Life With Bitcoin

China Bans Bitcoin (Again) – Don’t Be Surprised. This Will Not Change What Is Waiting for Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s Success Is Inevitable, but Many Challenges Await It in the Years To Come

Protect Your Future – Stop Buying a New iPhone Every Year, Buy Bitcoin Instead.

Gradually, Then Suddenly – Which Countries Will Adopt Bitcoin Next After El Salvador?

Ray Dalio Thinks Regulators Will Try To Kill Bitcoin – He’s Right but Wrong About the Final Outcome

What’s Next for Bitcoin? Bitcoin Is Gearing Up for a Phenomenal Year-End.

Banks Have Received Over $332B in Penalties Since 2000 – Bitcoin Is a Necessity for the People

Unpopular Opinion: Bitcoin Is Not Primarily for Westerners, but Rather for the Other 95% of the World

The Bitcoin Energy Consumption Debate Becomes Obsolete When You Look at the Wealth It Secures

NgU Is a Mandatory and Virtuous Feature for Bitcoin

September Strikes Again for Bitcoin – What’s Next for Its Price?

Bloody Day on Bitcoin Day in El Salvador – What’s Happened and What To Expect From Now On?

Bitcoin Can Fix Global Wealth Inequality - Experiment Now Begins in El Salvador

To ATH or Not to ATH in September for Bitcoin. That’s the Question.

In Bitcoin We Trust Now Offers a Premium Package To Better Help You Take Advantage of This Incredible Revolution.

Bitcoin Seed Phrases – Details on a Feature Letting You To Store Your Bitcoin in Your Brain

Bitcoin Usually Doesn’t Like September – Should You Expect a Bloody Month?

On Why Patience Is the Best Form of Action With Bitcoin

What You Need To Know on Bitcoin 51% Attacks.

Five Limiting Beliefs That Prevent You From Buying Bitcoin

“Should I Buy Bitcoin?” Is an Irrelevant Question Because the Answer Is Obvious

Bitcoin Broke $50K for the First Time Since May 14 – What’s Next?

The 5 Human Feelings That Prevent You From Embracing the Bitcoin Revolution

How To Use Bitcoin To Get True Freedom With Money

Bitcoin Is Not a Fiat Currency Competitor but Rather a Revolution in Your Very Relationship With Money

How Much Will One Bitcoin Be Worth In 20 Years?

Stuck in the Cold War Between America and China, Venezuelans Have No Recourse but Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is Not for You if You Suffer From One of These 4 Problems

Bitcoin Awareness – Ray Dalio’s Journey Shows Us What Awaits All Bitcoin Opponents Sooner or Later

The Great Exodus From China Continues – The Future of Bitcoin Mining Lies in North America

Why Bitcoin Is Your Best Weapon Against Censorship by Money on the Internet.

Bitcoin Doesn’t Just Protect Your Purchasing Power; It Boosts It in Incredible Ways

Stop Making Excuses, Seize the Bitcoin Opportunity

Don’t Listen to the Experts Saying Bitcoin Price Can Drop to $15K or Reach $100K. Do This Instead.

A Great Lesson To Learn – Things Can Go Very Fast With Bitcoin When the Fundamentals Are Great

Top 10 Reasons That Will Drive the Bitcoin Price to $100K in the Coming Months

The Truth About Bitcoin and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues.

Forget Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey Is the Hero Bitcoin Deserves for the Coming Years.

Greener Days Are Coming – 4 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Bitcoin for the Next Months

Apply the 5 by 5 Rule To Put What Is Happening With the Bitcoin Price Into Perspective

A Simple Hack To Always Stack More Bitcoin

China's Ban on Bitcoin Follows a Pattern Frequently Used by Beijing Since the End 2000s

Why the Current Monetary and Financial System Is a Losing Game for 99% of the People

Sorry ECB, Digital Euro Will Be More Centralized Than Bitcoin. It Is a Big NO

Hesitating To Buy Bitcoin by Fear of a Bear Market? 4 Proven Tips To Profit No Matter What.

Saying Bitcoin Has No Utility? You Need To Rethink Your Definition of Utility

Fiat Money Is Government Truth, Bitcoin Is THE Truth

The Dollar System Is Cracking – U.S. Responds by Attacking El Salvador for Its Adoption of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Revolution Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint – Keep Learning, Keep Buying, Stacking, Keep HODLing.

The Big Opportunity With Bitcoin for the Coming Months Is Now – 8 Charts Confirming This Idea

Over 9,017,101 People Are Already Bitcoin Millionaires – It Is Up to You To Join This Club

Bitcoin Is Unbreakable – China’s Ban Proves This Once Again if It Were Needed.

From China to the West, the Great Bitcoin Mining Exodus Has Started. And That’s Bullish for Bitcoin.

Rich or Poor, Bitcoiners Around the World Share the Same Ideal for the Future.

Bitcoin’s Death Cross Is Here – Should You Panic Now?

Bitcoin Is Under Attack From All Sides – No Problem, Its Revolution Has Always Progressed This Way

Bitcoin Whales Get Bigger Over Time – Why Having Complete Confidence in Bitcoin Is Key

On Fear of Bitcoin and the Difficult Road to a “New Normal” in the Digital World of the Future

You Buy Bitcoin To Get Rich, Then You Get Something That Is Priceless: Freedom

IMF’s Criticism of El Salvador for Adopting Bitcoin Reveals Its Concern About Becoming Obsolete

Why Is Bitcoin Price Falling When Several South American Countries Embrace Its Revolution?

What Does Bitcoin Bring to the World?

HODLing vs Trading Bitcoin: Make the Good Choice for Protecting Your Future Regarding Money

Here Are the Real Heroes of the Bitcoin Revolution – Those Without Whom Bitcoin Could Not Evolve

The Psychology of People Who Lose Money With Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Market in the Midst of a Great Period of Uncertainty – Avoid These 4 Mistakes

Bitcoin Price Manipulation 101 by Elon Musk

When Bitcoin Price Plummets, Focus on the Fundamentals To See the Bigger Picture

For Bitcoin Newcomers – Congrats! You Have Just Experienced Your First Major Pullback

While the Crypto Industry Is in Chaos, Smart Investors Are Accumulating More Bitcoin

For Cryptocurrency Investors - 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dogecoin Like the Plague

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger Continue Their Marketing Campaign for Bitcoin (Indirectly at Least)

Why Bitcoin Is the Only Digital Currency You Need for the Future

The Battle of the Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Happen, but Bitcoin Has Already Won the War

Elon Musk Taking Profits From Bitcoin With Tesla Is Great News for the Future

Bitcoin Plunges to $48K - Will You Seize This Opportunity To Join the Revolution Train?

HODLing Bitcoin No Matter What Is Your Superpower

Numbers Don’t Lie – Buying Bitcoin Is Always a Smart Decision Whatever Its Price

If You Want To Laugh, Buy DOGE. If You Want To Take the Power, Buy Bitcoin

After a Necessary Consolidation Phase, Bitcoin’s Price Is Ready To Soar to $70K

Who Else Thinks That China Could Use Bitcoin To Fight the Global Hegemony of the U.S. Dollar?

Why Did Satoshi Nakamoto Limit Bitcoin’s Supply to 21 Million?

Warning: U.S.-Based Mining Firm Marathon Wants To Create Different Categories of Bitcoin

Wanting More BTC Without Buying It? Elon Musk Shows You the Recipe by Selling Tesla Cars for Bitcoin

You Don’t Need a Bitcoin Exit Strategy, Because Bitcoin Is Your Exit Strategy From the Current System

Bitcoin Seems Stuck in Its ATH Zone – Should You Buy Now?

The Future of In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter

The Magic of the Bitcoin Protocol Lies in the Perfect Combination of These 7 Technological Elements

$60K or $40K: Where Will the Bitcoin Price Go in the Next Few Days?

Who Else Thinks Bitcoin Is More Likely To See $25K Before Reaching $100K?

When Bitcoin Loses 20% in a Few Hours, Understanding Bitcoin Is Your Best Protection

Wanting To Know How Does the DCA Strategy Work With Bitcoin? Michael J. Saylor Is Your Guide

The First Trillion Is a B*tch - Bitcoin Reached It in Just 12 Years, and The Best Is Yet To Come

For Bitcoin Haters – Sorry, Bitcoin Has Won. It Is Always Time To Join the Revolution

Feeling Abused by the Stock Market? Buying Bitcoin Is the Answer

The Five Things That Bruce Lee Taught Me To Take Full Advantage of Bitcoin

Warning: Bitcoin Is About To Break the Next Psychological Barrier at $50K

The Greatest Reward You Can Ever Get as a Bitcoiner

Are You Ready for Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Opting for Bitcoin Now That Elon Musk Is In?

Elon Musk Is on His Way to Becoming a Bitcoiner

Warning: Elon Musk Is Not (Yet) a Bitcoiner – He Just Has Fun Triggering Pump & Dump Moves

Afraid That the Bitcoin Price Drop Again to $20K? Adopt This Proven Strategy Right Now

Bitcoin’s Bull Run Is Not Over Yet, but All Will Depend on the $29K Zone Now

The Only Difference Between People Who Get Rich With Bitcoin and Those Who Don’t

Bitcoin Has Been in Roller-Coaster Mode Since the Beginning of 2021

Bitcoin Headed to a $300T Market Cap? Michael J. Saylor’s Demonstration Is More Than Solid

2020: The Year When Everything Changed for Bitcoin

FOMO vs FUD: The War of Emotions You Have To Win To Profit From Bitcoin

Bitcoin Soaring Near $40K Is Awesome News for You, Because Its Revolution Is Still Very Early

Sorry Bitcoin Bears, This Bull Run Is Not Over

Even Above $30K, Bitcoin Remains Totally Undervalued Relative to Its Fundamentals