Bitcoin Soaring Near $40K Is Awesome News for You, Because Its Revolution Is Still Very Early

It is always time to enter into the Bitcoin world.

Bitcoin is a true monetary revolution that reached a decisive milestone in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an economic crisis of a magnitude not seen in decades. To combat the effects of this economic crisis, the governments and central bankers of the world's major economic powers have taken action on a phenomenal scale.

The aggressive monetary policies of these central bankers have unleashed great monetary inflation for which the vast majority of citizens will have to pay a heavy price in the years to come.

To hedge against this great monetary inflation, more and more people have understood that Bitcoin was the best solution available to the greatest number. Big names in investment, such as Paul Tudor Jones or Stanley Druckenmiller, have quickly embraced Bitcoin.

Following this example, institutional investors then began to come en masse to buy Bitcoin. Large companies also made this choice to protect their cash reserves. PayPal decided to come into the world of Bitcoin as well. All this shows how much the mentality around Bitcoin has changed in a few months.

Bitcoin reached a decisive milestone in 2020

You can be sure that the Bitcoin revolution will not go back in 2021. Things will continue to accelerate in the years to come. Bitcoin has passed the point of no return now. In a few years, the coronavirus pandemic will probably be recalled as the tipping point for Bitcoin.

I was already writing this in April 2020, and the rest of 2020 has only confirmed my initial feeling.

The end of the year 2020 saw Bitcoin price soar thanks to a phenomenal bullish rally that is still not over, no matter how much time the Bitcoin Bears are wasting chasing the top of this Bull Run, at the risk of losing a lot of money. Worse still, they could end up missing out on the Bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin has gone from $10.5K to $39K in just a few weeks. Even better, the Bitcoin price could soon reach $40K at the current rate of progress. All this would be normal in my opinion since Bitcoin remains the most undervalued asset relative to its fundamentals.

If you don't own Bitcoin, you need to quickly ask yourself the right questions

If you still don't own Bitcoin, you need to start asking yourself if you missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel like saying it's time you asked yourself that question. Bitcoin is indeed a unique opportunity that will change your life on all levels.

More than just making you finally rich, Bitcoin will give you power over your money. Once you have that power, you will be in total control. You will be able to live your life on your own terms. You will no longer have to spend your hard-earned money or it will slowly but inevitably lose value over time.

The good news in this Bitcoin price spike is that buying Bitcoin is now far less risky than it was a few years ago when it was under $100.

Back then, Bitcoin had everything to prove. Bitcoin had to prove that it was capable of securing large amounts of money over a significant period of time. Bitcoin's programmatic monetary policy had to show in practice its positive effects described in theory.

The risk of a collapse of the Bitcoin network was very real at the time.

Buying Bitcoin today is a no-brainer, with more than low risk

Now that the Bitcoin price has surpassed $30K and more and more institutional investors have come to buy Bitcoin, you can rest assured that the Bitcoin revolution will continue in the years to come. These institutional investors are not coming to inject billions of dollars at random.

Michael J. Saylor did not fall on his head when he decided to buy $1.125 billion worth of Bitcoin with his company MicroStrategy. All of these people understood that Bitcoin would change the world of the future when it comes to money. Buying Bitcoin today is a no-brainer.

As an individual, you need to take advantage of Bitcoin's divisibility. Bitcoin is divisible up to eight digits after the decimal point. You don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin. You can purchase portions of Bitcoin to ensure that you don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

By buying Bitcoin in early 2021, you will still be one of the early adopters who will benefit the most from the price increase that Bitcoin will experience in the years to come. To give you an idea, my feeling for the Bitcoin price in the coming years is the following:

  • At least $100K by the end of 2021.

  • Between $400K and $500K by 2030.

  • One million dollars by 2040.

No guarantees as always, but a feeling that more and more people share.

Bitcoin price is near $40K while a tiny minority of people understand the incredible power of Bitcoin

Bitcoin would have exceeded 100 million users by September 2020 according to several estimates. The number of inhabitants on Earth is 7.8 billion. This means that only 1.2% of the world's population uses Bitcoin at best. The real figure is probably even below 1%.

Bitcoin will soon reach a price of $40K while only 1% of the world's population uses Bitcoin. And yet, how many people actually understand the incredible power of Bitcoin? Far fewer! Imagine what will happen when all these people begin to understand that Bitcoin is the future of the world when it comes to money.

The adoption of Bitcoin will simply explode. This means that the demand for Bitcoin is going to skyrocket. While this demand will skyrocket, the maximum supply of Bitcoin will remain hard-capped at 21 million units no matter what happens. Besides, the issuance of new Bitcoins will continue to slow down every 4 years as foreseen by Bitcoin's programmatic monetary policy.

If you stick to the principles that govern the law of supply and demand, you know what this means: the price of Bitcoin can only increase exponentially in the years to come.

Final Thoughts

Luckily, you are discovering Bitcoin today when its price is only around $40K. You have everything you need to take your destiny into your own hands. The first thing to do is to understand why Bitcoin was created, and how it responds to the flaws of the current monetary and financial system.

Then, you will quickly understand that buying Bitcoin is your only hope for protecting your future regarding money. Its revolution is only just beginning, and you have everything you need to be among those who will benefit the most from it. It's up to you to make the right choice. In a few months, the opportunity will be much less interesting.

It's up to you to decide.

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