The Best Strategy With Bitcoin Is Also the Simplest One

It becomes accessible as soon as you trust Bitcoin.

Many people often ask me what my strategy is with Bitcoin. I may surprise you, but it is actually extremely simple. This strategy is within everyone's reach, but before you can access it, you will need to understand the problems Bitcoin addresses.

Once you understand this, you will have the confidence to apply this strategy. This strategy is within everyone's reach as long as you have full confidence in Bitcoin and its revolution.

My strategy with Bitcoin consists of 4 steps:

  1. Buy Bitcoin automatically with a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) approach. Many applications exist for this.

  2. Program the automatic sending of these Bitcoins to your hardware wallet using one of the applications you will buy.

  3. HODL Bitcoin no matter what.

  4. Iterate from step 1.

This simple strategy will allow you to become a Bitcoin HODLER. You’ll have an essential advantage over Bitcoin Traders: you’ll be able to lead a more Zen life, and more importantly, you’ll be able to focus on the essentials.

What I mean here is that you will have time to learn more about Bitcoin, money, and the economy.

It is by educating yourself that you can take care of your future when it comes to money. The economic crisis of 2020 has brought this essential reality to the forefront.

You may have doubts about this strategy that I have just unveiled to you.

If so, here’s a graphic to show you that this is by far the safest strategy to enjoy Bitcoin with confidence:

This graph shows you that HODLing Bitcoin has been a profitable strategy more than 97% of the time since the creation of Bitcoin.

So, signing up for the long term with Bitcoin is a no-brainer.

The hardest thing will be to stick to your strategy with Bitcoin no matter what happens in the future. HODLing Bitcoin has been difficult at times so far. However, this is nothing compared to what you can expect psychologically in the months and years to come.

As Bitcoin will see its price skyrocket to constantly break its records, you should keep in mind that if you were to sell your Bitcoins, you would regret it sooner or later in the future.

Be strong, and stay a Bitcoin HODLER no matter what.

The Bitcoin revolution will take time, but if you have patience, you will be greatly rewarded when its price reaches heights that many thought were unimaginable when it was created.

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